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This page is about the books written by Roger Croxson.

We also publish and specialty market books and booklets. We can arrange for the complete process including writing from your material. We will arrange for proof reading, typesetting, layout, diagrams and printing. On successful completion we will arrange a specialist marketing operation specifically for your book including placing it around the world on the Internet.

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There are currently 3 books written by Roger

An Introduction to Crystal Reflexology (1997)

Crystal Reflexology Book Cover

To visit the Crystal Reflexology site CLICK HERE

A Beginners Guide to Crystal Healing (1999)

Crystal Healing cover

Visit the Crystal Healing Page - click here

Teach Yourself Crystal Healing (2000)

Teach Yourself Crystal Healing - Cover

Visit the Crystal Healing Page - click here

Roger works with the therapies above in South East Cornwall and Plymouth in England
and also gives workshops where they are wanted.

Roger has developed Crystal Reflexology and has found it to be a very powerful, synchronistic process.

Roger lectures and runs workshops on the Crystal Reflexology and early in 1998 gave two Members Seminars in London for the Association of Reflexology. He has also given talks at the Big Green Gathering, The New Age Festival Peranporth and short workshops at various venues.

Roger at Assn of Reflexologists

If you are interested in Crystal Reflexology or wish to purchase any of Roger's books, attend or organize a workshop please send an email by clicking here.


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