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Great News, Wholistic Web Solutions has been incorporated into The One Image. We will continue our personal service and we can now add all sorts of extras in house, so as your business grows we can keep you at the cutting edge of the world wide web! Visit www.theoneimage.co.uk

Wholistic Web Solutions, the web design company that takes an wholistic approach to our work and your web site. What does that mean? Well, in short we try to take into account as much as possible, not just the technical but personal, markets, and the overall ethos of you or your organization. In short each new client is treated as a separate entity as if they were our only client.

We then try to blend this with the technical and produce something that really represents you to the rest of the world. We are also happy to use the many years of both practical and theoretical business knowledge to your benefit. We go through your thoughts as to why you want a web site to both help you see the opportunities and for us to have a greater understanding of where you are coming from! By using all this information the result is a wonderful combination of synchronicity and serendipity as you can see around the page!

We add to this good graphics skills, bringing in a designer who has very broad knowledge and who now combines traditional expertise with new technology. Also, when necessary we admit our limits and use programming experts who can develop Secure Systems and Store Fronts for excellent ECommerce solutions.

We try to use every day words and explain what we are doing in non-technical language - we only say try! As we work around the world we are aware of language and technological barriers.

We provide advice on domain name purchase (that is the www address and email address) and hosting. We will do all of this for you which ensures continuity. We will assist in setting up your email accounts and links to and from other web sites; the submissions to search engines and the overall marketing policy relating to your web site.

Finally we provide the support as your site and company grows. We arrange for Advanced Search Engine Submission, Domain Name Renewals and finding the best way for your web site to be hosted as things change( the place where it is kept and accessed by other people), and generally assist you with the changing technological and market functions.

We aim to keep up to date with the changes in the internet and web site design, to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the market, both the internet and other commercial aspects. We try to maintain a working knowledge of the changes to the law that relate to web sites, including copyright and other intellectual property matters, but we do not claim to be legal experts.

Of course one of the big questions is how much will it cost?

We try to be sensible about this, their are normally 3 main costs:

1) domain name purchase - We buy domain names for you, depending on the letters at the end - .com or .co.uk for example the cost will be betwen £10 and £25 for 2 years.

2) building the web site - for individual and business alike our basic package of 5 pages with reasonable graphics and pictures, upload and initial search engine submission starts at under £200 and goes on from there. This includes lots of extras and support. Other packages are available although as each site is looked at separately the overall cost is usually negotiated to suit your needs. We also maintain sites on a retainer basis, this includes regular updates and search engine submission.

3) hosting cost, where your web site will live! These start at under £10 per month depending on the complexity and the use of ecommerce.

Compare these prices to a printed colour brochure, and remember it can be updated without a reprint and you will see the benefit!.


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