Design, is of course wonderfully subjective, and that makes our job more rewarding.

However, because of the way the web works there are some restrictions, and if you apply the rules that govern accessibility then the initial wide open space is reduced a little bit. This is one area where our expertise can help produce a good looking site which is approachable by as many people as possible.

This page is about the way we approach design. One thought was to leave it completely blank, so that you could formulate what you felt was a good web site!

However, as some people know exactly what they want and some do not we decided to write just a little about our approach. So, for those that do know what they want we look at their ideas, apply our experience and market knowledge and then make recommendations. This may relate to layout, colour or even the division of content. We may make suggestions about the way the web site will work including the links between pages - the navigation debate.

One critical factor in web site design is how long the user will wait for your site. It used to be 9 seconds, but now? To that end we build fast sites. If you have a lot of pictures we warn people. Broadband is great, but there are a lot of people out in cyber land who cannot get it, particularly outside the urban areas.

For those that think having a web site is a good idea but are not sure what you may want we try to glean as much information from you as possible. We could go away and build a web site, but will you like it? The chance, of course, is yes, but we prefer to take part of you or your organization and incorporate that! This we do by discussion and looking at any other items you may have such as letterheads or brochures.

Of course if you do not like it we rebuild it!

If you want just to see the finished item you can, although we prefer to give you up dates as we go along, to that end we will place your growing site on a test address, so you can see it but your prospective viewers cannot.

Accessibility is discussed; see right hand panel. Printability also plays a role in design, a wonderful design may not print easily on most machines, so a separate printable page may be useful. We try to design sites that work on as many computers as possible, the days of designing separate pages for the two major browsers have long gone - modern computers have increased the number of variables to such an extent that the number of pages required soon becomes impossible.

When you are completely happy, we will launch the site, tell the major search engines and give you some advice on how to promote your brand new web site.

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